Our team was asked to pitch ideas for original themes and my idea of Mexican wrestling was chosen for development. Below is an early sketch for the three character symbols which would become the focus of the game. I wanted the overall look and feel to be bright and humorous, and working collaboratively with another colleague I think we achieved this well. 



my colleague was responsible for creating the UI, Wild symbol, mid pay symbols, and the final art and animation for the Senor-X character. while I worked the remaining characters, low-pay symbols, logo and bonus game.




It was decided the game would have a different bonus feature for each character that could be carried to the free-spin round. The different features would be unlocked through a fight scene between the characters. Due to memory limitations this would have to be created using still images and code.

After stumbling across a plug-in for aftereffects that could export transformation data to xml, and some experimentation working closely with the developers, we were able to crate a transition sequence that was both entertaining and functional.