Candy Crush Saga

This in-game advert was produced for the marketing studio at King. I was given the concept and one week to complete the video in a range of sizes and lengths. it also needed to have an alternate version for the sister title Candy Crush Soda Saga™. I have shown both versions here back to back.

Pyramid Solitaire Saga

This video was also produced for the marketing studio at King. The brief was to illustrate the main character Helena in an art style used in romance games, and to create a new love interest character. Then create a short narrative using the common mechanics of romance games.

Marketing Presentation

Unfortunately I cannot disclose much information regarding this video, and i have had to redact the text. This was an internal marketing presentation for the client. Delivered as a powerpoint presentation, each animation was set to cue when the speaker changed slides.

Animated Logos

These animated logos were created for the branding studio Middleboop. 

Medivet / LVS

Subcontracted by No10Film.

King Social Posts

Simple looping videos for various titles done whilst on contract at King. These videos were used as content for the different social channels for each title.